Custom Software from NetInvent

NetInvent develop the custom software you ask for

We perform custom software development on request. If your existing solutions simply aren't fast enough, or you need special features, or you need to rent access to high-performance-computing hardware to perform computationally intensive simulations and you need special software developed for parallel compilers - we can help.

NetInvent particularly relish those hard problems that are outside the ability range of the typical software developer. Problems that have a research component, require an understanding of mathematics, that are computationally intensive, or that require effort to gain specialized domain knowledge before they can be undertaken are of particular interest.

We can offer range of experience in programming close to, or directly on, hardware. By combining knowledge of embedded systems type problems, firmware development and high level applications development, we can cope with problems that are beyond developers who can deal only in low or high level programming and not both.

We don't outsource software development to other companies. If you are a programming outsourcing company, please do not bother contacting us to sell your services. We offer very specialised programming services with attention to design and customer service; we offer an end-to-end service; and we are not interested in compromising quality by outsourcing work.

If you don't really know what your requirements are, NetInvent have the answer. We perform analysis and design consultancy that will put your routine and more specialised development tasks on the right track the beginning. Contact us with for a quotation.

  • We develop specialized applications for all purposes.
  • In many languages and environments.
  • Scientific software.
  • Office software.
  • Web and networked applications.
  • Modification of existing code.

Microsoft Windows Development

Web Services using WCF

Actual programming can be in C++ or C#, depending on requirements.

Whether you want REST or SOAP services, WCF can be used to deliver a service solution running on IIS or on a custom host.

  • We are expert in authentication and authorisation issues, including secure business-to-business.
  • Connecting your services to a database? Not a problem.
  • Need to interoperate with Java hosted clients? Not a problem.
  • Worried about versioning your services and planning a path forward from your first release? We can help.
  • Perhaps you just need a Windows based service client to access a Java or *nix hosted service? Depending on requirements we can provide a WCF or non-WCF based solution.


Actual programming can be in C++ or C#, depending on requirements.

COM+ seems to be out of favour now, so it can be difficult to maintain existing systems.

  • Migrating away from COM to newer technologies? Perhaps we can help, whether your interest is in .Net C# and WCF or Java EE.
  • As part of office integration / automation
  • For your existing COM application
  • To make new uses of COM objects that you already have
  • Combined with ActiveX controls to create powerful web based, distributed applications.

.Net Development using C++ or C#

  • Migration from COM.
  • Migration from ActiveX development.
  • Migration from C++ with unmanaged classes to managed C# with .Net
  • For extensions to .Net applications.
  • For scripting Microsoft Office suites.
  • For scripting Microsoft Windows Server administration tasks.
  • For extensions to .Net applications

Microsoft ActiveX plugin development in C++

ActiveX is a hybrid technology for Windows platforms. It combines COM, OLE and ActiveX controls to provide a broad range of distributed services that can access data on the client machine. Usually, when we talk about ActiveX, we specifically mean ActiveX controls. There isn't much call for it now, so maintenance of existing code is a problem we may be able to help you with.

  • Add functionality to IE that staff members can download and use remotely or for use within the office.
  • Provide special capabilities to web sites that are IE only, such as special graphics rendering.
  • Move processing intensive tasks within your web site off the server and onto the client machine.
  • Extend or fix old ActiveX controls that are too deeply tied into other systems to easily replace with newer technologies.

We would normally develop ActiveX in C++, but C# is also an option, particularly where .Net is also involved.

Linux Development

New Linux Applications

Perhaps there is already an Open Source application that does most of what you need that you want to extend? If there isn't, we can help you with a genuinely new application.

Development in C# for Mono, Java EE, PHP and Ruby are options we support for server technology. For client software, Mono or a Java Swing application may be what you're looking for.

Extending existing Linux Applications

  • Linux has great Open Source software support, but you can't leverage all the benefits of Open Source unless you have someone to develop the special features you need in the application.
  • The potential for improving how you use software is considerable.
  • You could have your own special functions added to OpenOffice, CVS, Apache, GIMP or Linux itself, to name just a hanful of the many possibilities.

C / C++ Development

Analytical Software

Spreadsheets, maths / statistics packages and other general-purpose office software can be much too slow to perform the complex mathematical analysis and results processing some industrial and research activities require. Similarly, modern languages such as Java and C# tend to sacrifice performance compared to native code. We can go beyond native code to provision of SSE accelerated code, or we can implement GPU acceleration for tasks that are suitable.

We develop highly optimized software that can make use of Intel's SIMD instructions (SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4) and AMD's 64bit extensions.

If your problem has the right characteristics, we may be able to accelerate it with General Purpose GPU technologies like CUDA or ATI's GPGPU API.


Computationally expensive mathematical simulations can be too slow to run using general-purpose software or user-friendly scripting languages. We can also write simulation software in FORTRAN for your high-performance parallel computer system.

Java Development

For your computer, or for your mobile

Java is suitable as a replacement for ActiveX, or for implementing complex graphical or interactive effects in a browser, such as web games, or graph/chart drawing utilities. Java is suitable for all kinds of utilities that run locally but are delivered globally.

  • Android development
  • Multiplatform Java Applications for desktop computers to run in all popular browsers
  • Java Applications for (non Android) Mobile Devices
  • Java Applications for (non Android) Phones

Python Development

Text Processing Tools

Python is well suited to performing many complex manipulations of text files, such as web page source, text databases, business documents and more.

Administration Scripting

Most administrators do not have the chance to develop sophisticated scripting tools that could save them hours every day. Whether you are working with Linux / Unix or Windows, we can help automate repetitive and tedious administration tasks.

Assembly Code Development

Embedded Systems in Assembler

When efficiency and memory are at a premium, only assembler can make the most of your limited hardware resource.

Automotive Accessories

Perhaps you need special software to control a new product, such as a turbo timer, launch control or traction control system. Perhaps you have obtained the rights to update / reverse-engineer the software in an existing product.

Consumer Products and Firmware

We can develop control software for almost any product, from a toy to a washing machine to an air-conditioning system. If it runs using a standard microprocessor, or even a non-standard processor that you can provide the documentation for, we can develop for it.

Game Development

Optimization of game performance is dependent on having a good architecture to begin with. Nevertheless there is often scope to improve existing code by replacing often used functions with optimized versions. Determining where the performance bottlenecks lie is the key.

Developing a popular middleware such as Unity is tempting, but if your performance requirements are demanding, it might not keep up. Specialized code provides a solution at a cost.

We can perform assembler optimization of PC and console games, including authoring shaders for DirectX, CG, etc. Assembly optimization is most often justified on low powered machines, such as DS and Vita, but can also provide benefits on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Whether you specifically need assembler optimization, or just general optimization, we can help.

We can perform ARM development for ARM platforms where assembler code is permitted.

We have years of experience in game development. Read more about game development.