Game Development

Game Development

Target Platform: Game Consoles and PC

NetInvent has over a decade of experience in working on existing game consoles and on PC. We deliver expertise in graphics technology, and have considerable experience in working with sound and networking.

A complete game, consultancy or outsourcing

We can develop a complete game, port games to other systems and provide consultancy services to game developers who have specific problems with their product.

  • You can outsource specific development tasks to us, or we can take on the whole project.
  • We have in house art resources and are expert in outsourcing art development.

We can provide consultancy services to help you do the following (and more):

  • Reduce memory footprints
  • Improve game performance
  • Develop true parallal architectures
  • Reduce load times
  • Deliver a better sound experience
  • Locate memory leaks
  • Add networking technology
  • Integrate middleware
  • Improve artwork
  • Improve development process
  • Improve scheduling
  • Documentation Development
  • Staff training
  • Project Management and Process