Database Services from NetInvent

Introduction to NetInvent Databases

We know databases

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Most web databases are invisible to the user; providing product data for eCommerce or client data for recruitment sites. We are accomplished at building web databases that will vastly increase the power, flexibility and maintainability of your web site.

Databases are a powerful tool in the office, and we can help you extract the full value from that tool in your business. We build in-office databases that you can rely on. A badly built database can suffer serious problems in extended use, or when scaled to a larger size. When we build your database, we plan for the future.

At NetInvent we understand relational databases, both in theory and practice. We use object oriented systems analysis to help decide what data you need to store so that your database is easy to query, easy to maintain and performs efficiently.

Recommending a Database

We used to recommend MySQL as a database server. We used it for all our own development projects. While MySQL is still a good option, we now usually prefer Postgres. Postgres is open source, inexpensive to operate and often offers comparable performance to more costly alternatives for small to moderate sized projects. It runs under Windows or Linux, and is well documented. It's easy to access remotely and PHP provides facilities to access it easily in web scripts. DB2 Express-C is also a viable option, with a very good feature set. SQLite is another option, particularly where a database will only be used by a single application and can easily fit in system memory. Some businesses already have MS SQL licenses, and that can make it an attractive proposition too.

We really can't see a reason not to use an SQL database of some kind for any new web based project - or for your first real office database. Unless you are a large corporation running distributed, multiply redundant services, there is no reason to look at expensive options.

If you already have a dependence on Microsoft Access in your office, then you might want to continue using it for other in-office projects. This argument is more compelling if you have staff who have developed Access skills and perhaps your Access database is installed on costly, high-perfomance hardware running a modern Windows Server product that you just bought sixty client licenses for.

We develop databases for Microsoft Access, but only for in-office use. We do not use Access for front-facing projects. Access isn't something we like to recommend.

If your existing database has got into a mess, we might be able to help you extract useful data from it. We can help you untangle databases that have suffered from 'unfortunate' keying choices.

Reasons why good database design matters

Read about why you should get professionals to develop your office database to leverage long term savings in database running costs. A database isn't worth building unless it can give you the confidence to rely on it and not just use it as an expensive index to paper filing.

Read about common database blunders - unfortunately they aren't very comical, but if you are building an office database and you don't have any formal training, you might want to take a look. Our basic hints could save you some pain later.

Our database suggestions, in summary:

  • Don't pay huge fees to query specialists.
  • Get a database that works right first time.
  • Don't work to keep your database updated, make it work for you.
  • A database is more than just a filing system, it's the basis of genuine office automation.
  • If your office database isn't helping your business, get us to help you get the full value from your investment.