Office Databases from NetInvent

If your business depends on data

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We offer a range of database services, be it simply helping you choose and install a database management system; full analysis of your business process and the data within it; mapping out the best areas to automate, and the data needed to do it; or full development and deployment of a database and specialized applications to take advantage of it.

We can build a database to run on a single machine, or we can set up clusters and sophisticated topographies for redundancy or access from multiple sites.

We offer a systems analysis service to help you determine the best way to automate your office clerical procedures. There are many ways to implement office automation, and a special database application isn't always necessary. Perhaps you aren't getting the most out of a database you already have, but are unsure how to solve the problem? Let us help.

If you need help updating or migrating an existing office database

  • Migration to new database products.
  • Building new databases so that you can do the queries you need most efficiently.
  • Refactoring or extending old databases.
  • Solving problems with old databases.

Databases for Office Automation

It's possible that you already have office databases that aren't delivering the benefits the should. Or perhaps you have data in spreadsheets or accounting packages that you would like to extract and analyze, or share efficiently between office workers.

We can build applications to help streamline your business process and put your data to work.

Businesses often purchase software and begin automating part of their clerical work, but never get around to completing it satisfactorily due to fears about cost. If you've already invested money in software that you are barely using, or that makes as much work as it saves, we can help you realise a return on that investment.