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Web Search Engine Optimisation

What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is about making sure that the people that might be interested in your site find it. It is not, as some companies seem to think, about getting people who have no interest in your site at all to go there: that just wastes their time and your bandwidth.

Search Engine Optimization is about making your site appear where people can see it in response to the right searches on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Without good rankings on the top search engines, people may find it hard to discover your site. However, you don't need to be ranked number one. Studies suggest that being near the bottom of the first page is best, as people click those results before the ones at the top, but anywhere in the first page of Google is a good result. However, in a competitive marketplace, you are unlikely to achieve such a position without considerable effort - or in some cases it may be impossible because the first few pages are filled entirely with links to large corporations and governments that are considered special authorities for that subject.

If you are selling online

If you are selling online then good search performance is absolutely crucial to your business.

We can do a lot to get your site ranked where it counts, but if the text on your site isn't search friendly it will be harder to get a good ranking. If you are writing content text for the site, we may be able to give you advice that will significantly boost the rankings of your site.

Don't think about keywords and search engines, think about users coming to your site. Does it show them what they want to see in a way that makes them want to stop and read? If it doesn't, then even if you have a good search ranking, it won't matter. However, if your site is attractive to real people, google will discover this through its tracking of user behaviour and your google ranking will likely improve. Other search engines may not behave this way, but regardless, you still need a site that users like to read.

If you've been optimized before

Search engine optimization techniques are continually evolving, along with the search engines themselves. If you have old optimizations, they probably aren't helping as much as they used to. Have your rankings on the important searches slipped? Have your hits dropped off or hit a plateau?

The best thing for any site is the addition of genuine, useful, fresh content at regular intervals. Making sure your site isn't left to langusih is something you should make part of your web policy. If your site doesn't offer anything fresh or valuable to users, why would they want to go there anyway?

An Honest Approach to Search Engine Optimization

NetInvent have a highly effective approach to web optimization, and we have a completely open and honest policy about how we optimize. We aren't selling some magical secret formula that acts as as smokescreen for sharp practice.

Read more about how search engine optimization works, and the scams that go on.

We don't make meaningless promises about number one rankings, but you will see the results of our work in your hit count. The more time we spend on your site the higher you will be able to get.

  • We will find the terms that people are most likely to use to search for your business.
  • We will show how to get your ranking up in the searches that matter.
  • We can design your entire site to increase its attractiveness to search engines from the outset.
  • We build sites that people as well as search engines like to visit.
  • It's not just the number of visits that counts - it's the number of purchases.
  • We understand that your customer relationship matters.
  • Optimization for Google, Yahoo, Bing and Web Wombat.