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Web site features

"I don't care about features, I just want my site to work!"

NetInvent can provide any web site feature that you want. Here is some information about the most commonly requested features to help you make decisions about your new web site. We do all of these things and more. Call us if there's anything you want to know more about. If you know enough about features already, take a look at our menu of web design and development packages or contact us for a quote.

Web features covered elsewhere.

Most important features have their own information sections:

Web Forms

If your site is interactive in any way, then it probably needs some forms. For example, most eCommerce systems use forms to collect client and payment information. Even a user logon is a type of form. Forms are great for getting data from users, but don't forget that users don't always want to hand over information or fill in forms. Forms are easy for the developer, but we try and design your site to use as few forms as possible, as it's usually easier for the user.

  • Forms are a way to collect data from users.
  • Most interactive sites use forms in one way or another.
  • It's what you do with the data once you've got it that matters.
  • We can add graphics to forms to make them more attractive and involving for users.
  • We can process the data we collect and generate customised output from it.
  • We can store the data we collect in a database (subject to government data protection policies).
  • We can email data straight to the people who need to have it.
  • Users don't like having to fill in long forms, so keep forms short.

Web Clients

While some people still use IE6 to browse the web, fortunately those days are coming to an end. IE8, Firefox and Chrome are beginning to dominate, all offering slightly different parts of HTML5. However, a good sized minority (probably around ten percent) use a different browser like Safari or Opera. The mobile market continues to increase in size, and there's an increasing trend towards browsers based on a technology called WebKit on mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad and Android platform.

We think quite a few of the people reported as using IE are really using Opera because Opera likes to pretend that it's IE when talking to servers, but that still doesn't leave Opera as a very popular browser, though its beginning to penetrate into mobile devices.

Unfortunately, for now HTML5 isn't a complete standard, despite what the spin-masters at Apple would have you believe. It's really not clear exactly what the final form of HTML5 is going to be, though the major browsers have all taken a guess. What is certain is that the final form of HTML5 will have some features that aren't widely available in a standard form yet.

If you want to leverage modern features and functionality, such as found in CSS3 and HTML5 then it is very hard to make a site that also works well with a dinosaur browser like IE6 (or even older versions of IE). It can be tempting to slim down the features in your site so you can work with a broader set of browsers, including Apple iPhone/iPad where there's no Flash. We're not saying this is a bad idea; in fact if it's not going to hurt your site it's a very sensible thing to do.

People with Apple hardware tend to use Safari when they can. There are quite a few people with Apple computers. iPhone and iPad users can use Opera, but mainly they are using Safari too. Do you want to sell to Apple users?

We support all the top browsers by default. Not everyone does. If you want advanced features we may not be able to support IE6 without additional work and expense; the choice is up to you.

If you want an IE only site we can do it. The usual reason is ActiveX. We can develop ActiveX controls if you need them, though they are not often necessary as improvements in server side scripting have replaced a lot of what ActiveX was used for. We also suggest Java as an alternative to ActiveX that will work on a wider range of properly configured platforms / browsers.